Expert Macintosh Computer Consulting

Capital Mac Service is a Saratoga County based Apple Macintosh consulting firm specializing in the Macintosh computer platform. Capital Mac offers expert-level knowledge in all areas related to the Apple Macintosh computer platform, including sales advice, networking assistance, minor repairs, memory and hard drive upgrades, Macintosh training and general consultation. We believe that expert-level Apple Macintosh computer consultation is needed in Saratoga County and across the Capital District. Let Capital Mac Service become your remote Apple Macintosh IT department in the Albany, Saratoga, Malta, Glens Falls, Clifton Park and surrounding areas.

Capital Mac Service is your Saratoga County connection to great Apple Macintosh support.

If you live in and around Saratoga County, it's time to explore Capital Mac Service for all of your Apple Macintosh-specific needs including computer consultations, Macintosh hard drive upgrades, minor repairs, software support and basic Apple Macintosh training. Capital Mac Service can visit your home, school or business location and give you the expert-level Apple Macintosh service that won't break the bank or have you driving around New York State. Contact Capital Mac Service today for more information!

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No Power Macbook Pro

Your Macintosh Just Died. Purchase a new Mac or repair your current model?

After 6 years, your trusty old iMac has finally bitten the dust. Capital Mac just told you that to repair this iMac, it will cost you about $500 for a new logic board. Do you replace the computer or repair it? That’s a tough choice for some people and Capital Mac founder, Mark H. Delfs, Read More

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Macintosh Dropping Wifi

Is your Macintosh wifi connection dropping? A possible solution!

One of the biggest complaints going is how your Mac suddenly drops wifi connection. This is a vexing problem, and often hard to figure out what is happening. Most of the time, like it or not, this wifi dropping issue tends to be environmental. This simply means that the problem is happening on a certain Read More

Capital Mac Doesn’t Keep “Normal” Hours.

I had a few clients seem shocked and amazed this week when they contacted me well beyond the normal 5PM closing time for most businesses–and I was right there, answering them back and getting their Macintosh computers back on track the very next day–even on Saturday evening. Whether it’s 10AM or 10PM, If I get Read More

The Mavericks (10.9) Power Button Blues on a Macintosh

I’m sure a lot of people noticed how your power button behavior in Mavericks 10.9 changed quite dramatically. Here’s how it changed: “Press the button once, and it puts your display to sleep. Press and hold it for a second or two, and the Shutdown / Restart / Sleep dialog appears. Press and hold it Read More