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Spring Into a Faster Macintosh With an SSD Upgrade

Speed Up Your Mac With an SSD UpgradeSpring is almost here and that means it’s time to shake off the slowness on your Macintosh with an SSD Upgrade! Whether you have a Macbook Pro, Macbook or iMac, let Capital Mac Service spring you into a much faster internal solid state hard drive (SSD), which can make your Macintosh 200-400% faster! Without any slow moving parts like your current hard drive, a solid state hard drive has no moving parts and acts almost instantly. Capital Mac Service will even handle the data transfer to your new SSD drive so all you have to do is enjoy the speed boost! Contact Capital Mac Service today to arrange your new SSD conversion today! See our recent article about 5 things you need to know about an SSD upgrade here!

An SSD Upgrade is the fastest and most affordable way to breathe new life into your older Macintosh computer!

Will the 2016 MacBook Pro feature an OLED touchpad?

Will the unannounced 2016 Apple MacBook Pro feature an OLED touchpad? Rumors and photos seem to point in that direction.

It’s all in the photos

New Macbook Pro OLED Touchpad

Supposed new Macbook Pro OLED Touchpad leaked images

Well, these photos from Cult of Mac certainly seem to verify that Apple is cooking up a strange new contraption above the normal row of number keys on the MacBook Pro keyboard. What the photos seem to show is a new blank space above the keyboard number keys, normally where the function keys reside. The photos were apparently smuggled from a manufacturer in China, which has been known to leak unannounced Apple products in the past. Multiple reports are also saying that this is indeed the next MacBook Pro.

What can this new OLED touchpad do?

This new row would seemingly contain a touch-sensitive surface, capable of showing icons and graphics, which would most likely be able to change depending on context. An example of a keyboard with OLED keys can be seen in the image to the rightOLED Keyboard. These keys can change graphics depending on the software and situation. This will be a radical departure from the standard “F-keys” that appear on most every laptop computer on the planet, including laptops from Apple. These F-keys may be able to change their state depending on the software program a user is running, or, even alert you to incoming e-mail, news or weather conditions.

When is the 2016 MacBook Pro coming to the market?

The unannounced MacBook Pro with the rumored OLED touchbar has been pegged for a late 2016 release, which is usually in time for a holiday release to maximize profits for Apple. This new OLED touchpad is also a cool and unique feature on the venerable MacBook Pro line. Keep watching Capital Mac Service for updates on this exciting new product that may be dropping later this year!

Capital Mac Service is Your Local Google Apps For Work Expert

google apps for business

Capital Mac Service is your Google Apps for Business experts

Have you decided to move to the Google Apps for Work platform in the Capital District area? If so, the Google Apps for Work setup can be a bit daunting for new or inexperienced users. Google Apps for Work brings professional URL-branded email, online Google Drive storage, shared Google calendars, and video meeting capability. If you are in the Capital District area including Albany, Colonie, Latham, Guilderland, Saratoga Springs, Clifton Park, Troy, Schenectady then give Capital Mac Service a call to assist you in the consultation and setup of Google Apps for Work. Some other features of Google Apps for Work include:

  • Gmail-Professional and bulletproof email from Google. Get rid of Spam and enjoy compatibility with all of your devices, including Mac, PC, Android and iOS.
  • Hangouts-Professional-level video conferencing with your clients
  • Calendar-The best calendar on the web works for you, anywhere and anytime. Integrated with other Google products, this calendar is the only calendar you will ever want to use.
  • Drive-Basically unlimited space for your documents, photos, movies and music.
  • Docs-Why use Microsoft Office when you can use a better and compatible version on the web?
  • Sheets-Use, create, import and store powerful spreadsheets in the cloud with Google Sheets.
  • Forms-Create forms for your employees, customers or management and collect the repsonses in spreadsheet form.
  • Slides-The power of Microsoft’s Powerpoint in the cloud, integrated with your other Google products.
  • Sites-Create rich websites with minimal HTML and coding knowledge.
  • Admin-A feature-rich dashboard to control all aspects of your Google Apps for Work accounts, apps and users.
  • Vault-Keep your corporate and sensitive data safe with this secure product

google apps for businessBeing Google Apps for Work users ourselves, we appreciate the power and feature-rich set of tools that Google offers businesses, teams and workplaces. Don’t be intimidated by the initial setup of Google Apps for Work. Capital Mac Service is here to guide you through the setup, deployment and even initial consultation of Google Apps for Work.

Contact Capital Mac Service today to have a Google Apps for Business resource in the Albany and surrounding areas. 


Cannot sign into GMail on older iPads and iPhones?

Allow Mac os X Mail to Add Gmail

Can’t access Gmail on an older iOS device?

Are you having trouble logging into Gmail on an older iOS device like an iPad or iPhone? I had this issue a few minutes ago where I was trying to put in my Gmail password, which I verified was correct, and it kept telling me my username or password were incorrect. After further digging, I found out that Google considers the older iOS mail software used on an iPad or iPhone as “unsecure,” and blocks it.

Here’s the fix to allow Gmail on your older iPad or iPhone.

First, visit http://www.google.com/accounts/DisplayUnlockCaptcha and sign in with your Gmail username and password. If necessary, enter the letters in the distorted picture.

Secondly, and even more important, visit this website: Allow less secure apps and choose “Allow” to let less secure apps access your Google account. This is a less secure option, but, it may be the only way to get your older iPad or iPhone mail software to allow access to Gmail.

Google’s Voice Assistant Google Home First Photos

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 1.19.52 PMHere’s the first photos of the new Google Voice assistant to compete with Amazon Echo. The Google Home device was just announced at Google I/O. The unit will be released in the Fall of 2016 with no price point announced at this time.

As we mentioned in a recent article, the Google Home device will feature built-in Google functionality, such as what users currently enjoy with Google’s “Now” products. The Google Home device will connect to the home network and integrate with other products such as smart lights and Google’s Nest thermostat. Of course, there is a built in speaker to play music from a user’s collection on Google Music.

Google also announced a new chat program called “Allo,” which brings even more Google technology to the Android platform. Some of the features of Allo include smart reply (as seen in Google Inbox) and whisper and loud mode added to each reply. By sliding up and down on the screen, a user can either “yell” or “whisper” their response. Lastly, Allo has an “incognito mode,” which allows users to have private and expiring chats such as competing messenger services.

A companion app to Allo was also announced, called “Duo,” which works on both iOS and Android and is based on emerging video technologies WebRTC and QUIC. This product allows one-to-one video chatting, which features such as “Knock Knock,” which allows a user to see the remote user’s video feed before picking up the video call.

You can signup for more information on the Google Home product here. A video of the section of the keynote where Google Home was introduced can be watched here.