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Capital Mac Service is a Saratoga County based Apple Macintosh consulting firm specializing in the Macintosh computer platform. Capital Mac offers expert-level knowledge in all areas related to the Apple Macintosh computer platform, including sales advice, networking assistance, minor repairs, memory and hard drive upgrades, Macintosh training and general consultation. We believe that expert-level Apple Macintosh computer consultation is needed in Saratoga County and across the Capital District. Let Capital Mac Service become your remote Apple Macintosh IT department in the Albany, Saratoga, Malta, Glens Falls, Clifton Park and surrounding areas.

Capital Mac Service is your Saratoga County connection to great Apple Macintosh support.

If you live in and around Saratoga County, it's time to explore Capital Mac Service for all of your Apple Macintosh-specific needs including computer consultations, Macintosh hard drive upgrades, minor repairs, software support and basic Apple Macintosh training. Capital Mac Service can visit your home, school or business location and give you the expert-level Apple Macintosh service that won't break the bank or have you driving around New York State. Contact Capital Mac Service today for more information!

Apple Store in Saratoga Springs

I just spilled coffee/soda/beer/wine on my Macintosh. Now what?

Liquid damage is one of the worst things that can happen to your Macintosh, or any electronic device for that matter. The very act of introducing liquid (wine/beer/soda/juice/water) of any kind into a live electronic device will usually render that device pretty much dead on the spot. The severity of the damage will be based Read More

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I forgot my Mac’s login password and now I can’t get to my desktop!

This is a common, and very frustrating, problem to have on the Macintosh. The story goes like this–the Macintosh by nature has a unique password–the administrator password–that is created by you (or whoever set your Mac up) when you startup and setup the computer for the first time. Most people may never have to type this Read More

Convert Older Clarisworks and Appleworks Documents

Need Clarisworks and Appleworks Documents Converted?

A question I have been getting a lot here at Capital Mac Service is an interesting one–after purchasing a new Macintosh, how do clients who have had vintage and obsolete Macs for years convert older Appleworks and ClarisWorks documents to the new machine? There are very few options these days, since the new Numbers and Read More

Booting to OS X Gray Screen

Mac OS X 10.9.3 is LIVE!

Following a long beta period, Apple has released the final version of OS X 10.9.3. The update leaves reasonably few modifications, but should strengthen help for 4K displays on 2013 models of the Mac Pro and 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro. It also restores the ability to sync personal contacts and calendars between a Mac and Read More