Donations of Non-Working Macintosh Computers Accepted!

I had a Capital Mac client ask me today if we accept older, non-working Macintosh computers for donations or recycling. The answer is yes! We would gladly accept your old Macintosh computers that are dead, non-working, liquid damaged, or vintage and obsolete. Let us know by contacting us here and we can make arrangements to pick up your old or non-working Macintosh computers in the Capital District.

One of the Mac’s great annoyances for me–SOLVED.

Search Current Folder on the MacBack in the old days of the Macintosh, when the Finder was svelte and clean, there was a search box introduced at some point. This search box did one thing and one thing well–it allowed you to drop into a folder in the Finder, do a quick search and return only the results that were IN THAT FOLDER ONLY.

Somewhere along the way, Apple decided to add a strange curve ball to this search function. For some reason, when you now did the same search in that folder from earlier, the search would show you results FROM THE ENTIRE COMPUTER.

Now, I began to wonder, why are they showing me search results from the entire folder, when I only want to see the contents in the folder I’m currently in! I stewed about this forever. Until tonight.

I happened to be poking around in the Finder preferences on my new MacBook Pro and I noticed a preference that I have probably seen 100,000 times and never registered what it even did. If you notice, there’s a pop-up menu at the bottom of that window that lets you change the very behavior of the Macintosh search–and make it go back to the old days! By selecting “Search the Current Folder,” it will do just that–only search the folder I’m in–and it won’t show me the entire computer search results anymore.


Why isn’t there an Apple Store in Saratoga?

Capital Mac ServiceThose of us who have been in the Saratoga county region have often wondered why there isn’t a true corporate Apple Store in Saratoga? Or how about a Clifton Park Apple Store? Or even a Glens Falls Apple Store? Unfortunately, after 13 years, it seems that Apple has no future plans to construct a Saratoga Apple Store. If you’d like to keep track of where Apple plans on building a future Apple Store, such as the Crossgates Mall Apple Store, check out this site. IFO Apple Store is a great website that details future and current Apple Store offerings, showing you maps, insider data and much more. Hopefully, if a Saratoga Apple Store is ever announced, this website will be able to tell you.

In the meantime, consider letting Capital Mac Service of Saratoga County become your temporary Saratoga Apple Store, offering hard drive upgrades, older and vintage Macintosh repair, and general Macintosh consulting in the Capital District. Even better, we will offer to travel to your location for Macintosh drop-off and pickup services. Contact us today for expert-level Macintosh service in the Saratoga area and beyond.

Speed up Window Scrolling in OS X Mavericks

Here’s a simple trick to speed up window scrolling, especially in Google Chrome. This trick is for Mavericks and I’ve already seen the difference on my Macbook Pro Retina:

  1. Go to System Preferences
  2. Go to Accessibility
  3. Choose ‘Mouse and Trackpad’ in the left column
  4. Choose the ‘Trackpad Options’ Button below
  5. Set the scrolling speed to the maximum
  6. Make sure ‘With Inertia’ is checked
  7.  Restart

This made a good difference on my own computer and you should try this if you are getting slower scrolling speeds in Google Chrome and other Macintosh applications.

My Mac’s hard drive is not big enough. Can Capital Mac upgrade me?

Capital Mac Hard Drive UpgradesOf course! Hard drive upgrades are one of Capital Mac’s signature services!

Depending on the Macintosh you own, the average price of a hard drive upgrade is approximately $200-$225 as of mid-2014. This service includes an attempted data transfer, installation and labor, and a carrier to store your old hard drive as an external hard drive! Prices may vary due to other factors, so please contact Capital Mac first. We can increase your internal hard drive by at least double, if not more!

Easily Extend the Wifi Signal In Your Home With TP-LINK

Easily Extend the Wifi Signal In Your Home With TP-LINK

Easily Extend the Wifi Signal In Your Home With TP-LINK

Trying to get wifi across your house–especially with multiple floors–is a nightmare for most people, including myself. I was doing some research today and came across this little gem–the TP-Link Powerline Wireless Extender. This cool toy works (supposedly) like this:

  • Plug in the first box to a wall power outlet next to your router
  • Plug in the other box (into a wall power outlet) where you have limited signal
  • Push a button on your router to allow it to “clone” your wifi password and name
  • Now, just get on the wireless network like usual–with a stronger signal!

In theory, this sounds like a wonderful idea–it simply uses your internal power outlets and wiring in your walls as a means to deliver the internet signal–anywhere you have a power jack which is usually every room! As long as all of your outlets are behind the same circuit box, you are golden. You can even buy separate receivers for other rooms in your home–just plug them into the wall and have instant wifi coverage. They are retailing for about $60 on Amazon. (Purchase here)

Expert Macintosh Computer Support in Downtown Albany

Downtown Albany Macintosh Support

Capital Mac Service can help you with your Apple Macintosh computers in downtown Albany

For those clients that reside in the downtown Albany area, Capital Mac Service is here to remind you that expert-level Apple Macintosh computer support is here for you–and we pickup and deliver! Whether you have an older Macintosh in need of a hard drive upgrade, or, a non-working iMac, contact Capital Mac Service today. Albany is definitely one of our heavily traveled routes and we can save you time and money by taking care of any of your Macintosh needs!

How do hard drives fail? A fun tool by DriveSavers!

Curious about the hard drive inside of your Macintosh? Most people have little or no idea how data is stored inside their Macintosh. Unfortunately, they care a lot more when that hard drive goes dead. Thanks to the folks at DriveSavers, you can see what it’s like inside your hard drive and experience how they work and how they can fail–losing your data along with it. Check out this fun tool at DriveSavers and contact Capital Mac when you have hard drive failure–we can get you in touch with DriveSavers who can save your data!

Capital Mac Service: We Invent Products, Too!

These smart refrigerator magnets are internet-enabled, rechargeable, and have an open API for developers.

These smart refrigerator magnets are internet-enabled, rechargeable, and have an open API for developers.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 3.31.11 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 3.30.44 PMCapital Mac Service isn’t just for fixing your Apple Macintosh computers–we also submit inventions as well! Here’s the latest product idea we came up with, called “Fridgits,” which are smart fridge magnets that display a host of information and are connected to your wifi. From the product detail page:

These smart refrigerator magnets are internet-enabled, rechargeable, and have an open API for developers.

We need your vote to help move the product forward! Please take a moment and give us a thumbs up at the Quirky website located here.

Google Music Won’t Play After OS X Mavericks Upgrade

That’s an easy one! If you no longer can play music through the external Radiant Player, or, Google Music in your browser, you simply have to upgrade your version of Adobe Flash. Remember, Google Chrome has Flash built-in, so, you won’t see the issue there. However, if you use Safari, Firefox, or Radiant Player, you must upgrade your version of Flash, or, you will see a blocked plugin message. You can upgrade Adobe Flash by visiting this site.

Ask the Macintosh Historian: What was the Mac TV?

Macintosh TV Computer

Don’t confuse the MacTV and AppleTV!

In today’s “Ask the Macintosh Historian,” we take a look at a product from Apple that has a similar name to a product of today, yet, they are as different as night and day. What we are going to look at today is the strange and beautiful Macintosh TV, which was a unique computer that also had television capabilities. The best part of this computer? It was all black, which was a radical departure from the boring beige Macs being churned out from Cupertino. The second best part? It also functioned like a television, which is why they tacked on “TV” to the end. Again, this product was nothing like our AppleTV of today, which is more of a set-top device than a computer. Let’s take a look at some of the specs of this strange hybrid computer-meets-television.

First of all, the machine basically was nothing more than a fancy version of the Macintosh Performa 520 of that time period–October 25th, 1993 to be exact. They produced about 10,000 of these MacTV units, which could either be a television (cable-ready), or, it could be a computer–unfortunately, you could not do both simultaneously. This baby even had a rare matching black keyboard and mouse, as well as a small remote control that could control a Sony TV as well. The MacTV boasted mid-range specs, including a 32 MHz 68030 processor and 5MB of RAM. The computer ran Macintosh System 7 and was quickly discontinued after only about 4 months on the market, probably due to the $2,097 price tag.

If you have any unique Macintosh history you’d like Capital Mac Service to explore, drop us a line and we can do some research for you!

Capital Mac Service is Your Mac Lab GoTo Guys!

Just a friendly reminder that Capital Mac Service can be the missing link in your Macintosh Lab either on a college campus or in a business environment. We can provide updates, wipe and installs, general networking advice and security advice for your Macintosh lab, large or small. The best part? We travel to your Mac lab and work with you to get your lab under control. Whether your Macintosh computer lab is 5 computers or 50, Capital Mac can help you get your lab back on track and be the remote IT department that you need! Contact us for more details.

Capital Mac Service Back to School

Capital Mac Back to School Services

Capital Mac Service Back to School

Let Capital Mac Service help you with your back to school needs

Capital Mac Service can help you get ready for the back to school rush this summer–now’s the time to consider the services we offer students with Macintosh computers:

  • Data recovery from dead Macintosh computers (see this page for more info)
  • Data transfer to new Macintosh computers
  • Hard drive upgrades on older Macintosh computers
  • RAM upgrades on older Macintosh computers
  • Macintosh security consultations
  • Data backup consultations
  • External hard drive advice
  • Macintosh software consultations
  • Macintosh System software upgrades

This is a quick list of Apple Macintosh services that Capital Mac Service can offer you, whether you are in Saratoga County or beyond. Please contact us today for expert Apple Macintosh services on your non-warranty Macs.

Don’t Let Your Sensitive Data Get Out There!

Sensitive Data

Don’t let someone get your sensitive data!

Don’t let your data get into the wrong hands! Just a public service announcement from Capital Mac–this time of year, back to school, is a time for old computers to get sold, handed down, given away, etc. while you shop for brand-new Macs. Let’s remember to WIPE THE OLD DATA SECURELY before giving those computers away! A quick format of the hard drive is not enough–the data can still be retrieved with the right software. Use the built-in secure erase in Disk Utility to write 1’s and 0’s across that sensitive data. Please contact Capital Mac if you need help with this particular–and important–service.

Capital Mac Service Embraces Your ‘Vintage and Obsolete’ iMacs!

Capital Mac Service is a haven for your “vintage and obsolete” white (or silver) iMacs–we accept them all with open arms, nurse them back to health with memory, hard drive and OS updates if you need them. Don’t hesitate to call today–These brother and sister iMacs will have a new lease on life after tonight!

Vintage and Obsolete iMac Support

Vintage and Obsolete iMac Support at Capital Mac Service

A Happy Ending to a Local Macbook Theft!

This particular story excited me because this was one of my early Capital Mac Service customers! I happened to be doing a data transfer to a new Macintosh for this client and they mentioned that their son’s Macbook was stolen out of a car the night before. We talked about various possibilities and ideas to try to figure out where the machine was, including “Find My Mac,” contacting the authorities, scanning Craigslist, etc. Low and behold, I get an email today–about 2 months later–and it said this:

Hi Mark, Not sure if you remember me but you helped me with my computer this summer. And you met my son who just got his Macbook stolen. Well we finally got it back. :)

You can read the entire newspaper article here

Do you have a weekend Macintosh emergency in the Capital District area?

Whether you are seeking expert-level Macintosh support in Glens Falls, Latham, Wilton, Saratoga Springs, Malta, Ballston Spa or Clifton Park, don’t be afraid to contact Capital Mac Service of Saratoga County on the weekends–if it’s important to you, it’s important to Capital Mac and we will aim to be there to help out your sick Macintosh, even on Saturday or Sunday. Contact Capital Mac Service today, even if it’s a weekend!

Booting to OS X Gray Screen

Mac OS X 10.9.3 is LIVE!

Following a long beta period, Apple has released the final version of OS X 10.9.3. The update leaves reasonably few modifications, but should strengthen help for 4K displays on 2013 models of the Mac Pro and 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro. It also restores the ability to sync personal contacts and calendars between a Mac and an iOS device making use of USB, instead of alternate options such as iCloud.

Further inclusions are Safari 7.0.3 — a routine maintenance patch — as well as superior stability for VP interactions using IPsec. The v10.9.3 update may be downloaded through the software update system preference.