Apple Launches MacBook Pro Retina Display Quality Program

MacBook Pro Retina Staining Issues

Does your MacBook Pro Retina screen look like this?

In the fall of 2015, Apple quietly introduced a program to replace displays on MacBook Pro Retina models that exhibit strange markings around the outer edge of the display. This is known as the MacBook Pro Retina Display replacement program. The best ways to describe the MacBook Pro displays that have this issue are the following:

  • Greenish metallic hues around the edges of the MacBook Pro retina display
  • Blackish-green coloring that bleeds into the viewing area on some MacBook Pros
  • Strange staining around the edges of the MacBook Pro display
  • The MacBook Pro Retina screen coating seems to be wearing away
  • Scratching near the edges of the MacBook Pro Retina screen
  • Etching near the edges of the MacBook Pro Retina displays

Capital Mac Service had this issue on our MacBook Pro Retina

MacBook Pro Retina Display Staining

MacBook Pro Retina stains can go around the entire screen

Unfortunately, the main Capital Mac Service MacBook Pro Retina began to show this screen delamination issue, starting in the corner and working its way all around the display. We contacted Apple Support and they did offer to cover the cost of a new display for our MacBook Pro Retina. 4 days later, we have the MacBook Pro back and it’s looking just like new!

Conditions for the MacBook Pro display replacement program

Some of the conditions of this Apple MacBook Pro Retina display recall include the following:

  • Expect a replacement display on your MacBook Pro from up to 3 years from your original purchase date or 1 full year from October 16, 2015, whichever one is later.
  • If you paid for a repair to fix the screen issues on the MacBook Pro, you are entitled to a refund through AppleCare.
  • If you have anything else that may be causing screen issues, such as a bad logic board, you may┬áhave to pay for that repair before you can get the free screen replacement.

You can read more about what users are calling this “Staingate,” at the website devoted to this MacBook Pro Retina screen issue, located here.