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Online Petition to Fix Older Adobe Software on the Mac

Adobe CS5 Crashing on ExitA petition (vote here) has popped up asking Adobe to issue fixes relating to issues that appeared on older Adobe products, such as CS4, CS5 and CS6 when the new Mac OS X El Capitan arrived. Some of those issues include the infamous Adobe Illustrator CS5 color picker crash on El Capitan (and sometimes Yosemite) and Illustrator CS5 mysteriously quitting on exit (there’s a temporary fix here). Vote on this petition to demand Adobe issue patches for older software and not bully you into buying a cloud subscription to the Adobe Creative Suite. This petition to force Adobe to fix older Creative Suite CS5 software on the Mac may gain traction and cause them to issue fixes for these annoying Adobe Illustrator CS5 problems on Apple’s Mac OS X El Capitan. Please share this article to gain support for Adobe supporting older Mac software and fix these annoying bugs in El Capitan Macs!


Adobe Illustrator CS5 Crash on Exit Possible Fix

Adobe CS5 Crashing on ExitSign the petition to force Adobe to issue maintenance patches for Adobe Creative Suite CS5 and El Capitan by clicking here! Ever since users have been installing Mac OS X El Capitan, there has been a host of various issues between it and Adobe’s older software suite, including Adobe Creative Suite CS4 and CS5. Since we are heavy users of Adobe CS5 products, and especially Adobe Illustrator CS5, we have also been affected by these various bugs. One of the newer bugs that has surfaced is a complete crash of Adobe Illustrator when closing or quitting the program on the Macintosh platform. This also causes a larger issue of Illustrator not saving its preferences file, which means you have to reset any preferences upon relaunch.

Fortunately, it seems that there is a pretty simple fix for this annoying bug in Illustrator CS5 for the Mac by simply renaming 2 folders. We have tried this fix, and can verify that it does solve both issues for us–no more quitting of Illustrator when it’s quit. It also now saves the preferences once again, where it did not before. Here’s the steps to solve this aggravating issue with Adobe Illustrator CS5 on El Capitan.

Try this possible fix for Adobe Illustrator CS5 crashing on exit:

  1. First, make sure Adobe Illustrator is not running. Now, head to your user library folder on the Mac. This is accomplished by holding down the option key on your keyboard and choosing the “Go” menu from the Mac OS X Finder’s menubar.
  2. Choose “Library” from the pop-down menu and release the Option key.
  3. Find the “Application Support” folder and double-click into it.
  4. Find the “Adobe” folder and double-click into it.
  5. Find the folder called “CS5ServiceManager” and click on the title of this folder.
  6. At this point, you should be able to rename this “CS5ServiceManager” folder, by adding “.bak” to the end of it. So now, you will have a folder called “CS5ServiceManager.bak”. Close this window and head to the next step.
  7. Head to the main hard drive by clicking on the Finder’s “Go” menu and choose “Computer
  8. Find the “Library” folder and double-click into it.
  9. Find the “Application Support” folder and double-click into it, the same as earlier.
  10. Find the “Adobe” folder and double-click into it, the same as earlier.
  11. Find the folder called “CS5ServiceManager” and click on the title of this folder.
  12. Rename the folder again to “CS5ServiceManager.bak” and exit this folder.

At this point, Adobe Illustrator CS5 can be launched as usual. Feel free to open a few documents and make some changes to the preferences area. Try to quit the program as usual and notice if it throws the same crash as it did before. After we did these steps exactly, the crashing stopped and the preferences are now saved perfectly once again.

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