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No headphone jack on the iPhone 7 = Lightning headphones!

Philips M2L/27 Fidelio Premium Headphones with Lightning Connector for Apple iOSThe general rumors going around the campfire are that Apple has decided to kill the headphone jack on the next iPhone, probably called the iPhone 7. What does this mean for the millions of iPhone users out there who rely on the headphone jack for audio? Well, an early solution is a simple one–lightning port-based headphones.

Philips, makers of the Hue lighting system that Capital Mac Service are strong users of, have come up with one of the first lightning-based products, the Philips M2L/27 Fidelio Premium Headphones with Lightning Connector for Apple iOS. This set of headphones simply plug into the bottom lightning port on any iOS device, delivering high-quality digital audio.

Why is Apple killing our headphone jack?

What is the reasoning for Apple’s possible killing of the old-school headphone jack? Well, for the most part, it’s size. Without that simple headphone port (which is still considered analog, not digital), Apple claims they can make the iPhone even thinner than it is now. Also, insiders claim that the sound will be richer and deeper, since it will be completely digital.

What do you think about Apple’s possible decision to remove the headphone jack in favor of a lightning port-based solution? Sound off in the comments below.

Is Your Nest Thermostat Showing “Offline”?

Nest Low BatteryIs your Nest thermostat all of sudden showing itself to be “offline” and not connected to your internal Wi-Fi network? You may not be alone.

A recent update to the Nest operating system (version 5.1.3 or later) has rendered a batch of Nest thermostats to become unresponsive, or, completely not seen by the Nest app or seen on your Wi-Fi network–at worst, the battery inside the Nest can get so weak that the Nest completely won’t even power on. This issue has actually hit the Capital Mac Service Nest thermostat, so, it seems to be a pretty widespread issue. Here’s some simple steps below the fold that seem to have fixed our own Nest.

Some of the symptoms of this new Nest software bug can include one or all of the following:

  • Your Nest no longer can be seen on your Wi-Fi network
  • The Nest displays “offline” on the Nest app or website
  • The Nest displays a message that asks you to “remove the Nest from the base and then reattach it”
  • The Nest’s screen is dark or unresponsive
  • You may see a blinking green or red light at the top of the Nest
  • The thermostat animations are very slow and unresponsive
  • The Nest complains about a low battery and wants to shut down

If you have any of these symptoms, please try these simple steps to return your Nest thermostat to a working status.

A manual reset of the Nest thermostat seems to be working for most people with these annoying issues. To perform a reset, simply press down the Nest and hold it in for about 10 seconds, in which you will see the Nest go black, as if it’s powering off. Wait a few moments and note if the Nest turns itself back on or not. If not (ours did not), simply press the Nest again for a few seconds and it should turn back on. You should now see the Nest startup animation and hear a few click sounds–leave the Nest alone until it gets to the main operating screen. You may lose some unsaved energy data by performing this step.

If your Nest is completely off and seems dead or unresponsive, the previous steps will not work for you. Instead, perform these steps if your Nest is completely turned off and will not turn back on.

In this case, the Nest’s internal battery (yes, it has one!) has gone dead due to the bug in this new Nest update. What you will need to do in this case is to remove the Nest from the wall and grab yourself either a Micro USB or Mini USB cable. Which cable will depend on which Nest version you have. If you have the generation 1 Nest, you will need a Mini USB cable (purchase one here). If you have a generation 2 or 3 Nest, you can use a Micro USB cable (purchase one here).

When you have removed the Nest from the wall and secured the proper cable, you can plug in the cable to the back of the Nest and the other end into a working computer. This step could take about 15-30 minutes to charge the Nest back to working status. Never try to restart the Nest while it’s connected to a computer or power source while charging.

Disconnect the Nest from the USB cable and hold down the Nest ring for about 10 seconds, or, until the display goes black. Press the Nest ring again to turn back on the device and release. You should now see the Nest animation as it starts back up. After it starts up, plug the USB cable back in to finish charging the Nest. This step will take about 1 hour to fully charge the Nest.

After an hour of charging, return the Nest to the wall and it should resume working. At this time, the battery may still not be strong enough to get the Nest connected to your network–this is normal and eventually the Nest will charge itself up enough to return itself to the network. You can monitor the battery charge status by heading to SETTINGS -> TECHNICAL INFO and scrolling the Nest to to POWER. The charge level is listed in the battery area and should be 3.6 volts or higher. If the Nest falls below this number, it will shut back off.

If the Nest battery continues to drain itself, you will have to contact the Nest technical support department for further assistance. You can contact them here.

Gadget Corner: KMASHI 15000mAh External Battery

This is something that I ordered one of, and, because I loved it so much, I ordered another one! This product is called the KMASHI 15000mAh External Battery Power Bank, and what it does is provide external power to your tablets and smartphones while you are traveling. This device is so powerful that you can recharge a standard tablet or smartphone many times over, before even recharging the pack. This is perfect for hotel stays, long drives or camping trips. I keep one in the car for instant charging wherever I happen to be. Some features of the battery pack:

  • 15000mAh Power bank capacity (15000mAh) 2A input significantly shortens charging time for your iPhone with ultra high capacity Lithium battery charging two mobile devices conveniently
  • Super-fast charge output through dual USB ports (5V / 2A and 5V / 1A) allows for simultaneous charging of your iPad, iPhone, Android, and more at high speed.
  • Smooth, classical black design allows you to power up in style, while 4 status LEDs keep you informed of remaining capacity.
  • Very Practical Charger: Perfect for indoor or outdoor activities like travel, camping or hiking, emergencies, commuters and families.
  • Package contents: 1*Kmashi 15000mAh External Battery, 1*Micro USB cable,1*instruction manual,1 year warranty.

This device is at an all-time low and is perfect for a gift or for yourself! Check it out and purchase through Amazon by clicking here.