El Capitan Spotlight Problems

El Capitan Spotlight Not Working Correctly?

Capital Mac Service has received word that the new Mac OS X El Capitan Spotlight may not be working as advertised. Such features as displaying the weather, stocks, and other Internet data may not be working as they are supposed to be on some users’ computers. This could be a simple workaround, however, it will not be a pleasant solution for Macintosh users outside of the United States:

Enter your Mac OS X El Capitan system preferences and head to “Language & Region” and then to the “Region” pop-up menu and choose “United States.” This seems to allow Spotlight to start working on Internet-based searches. On a side note, make sure all of the checkboxes are also checked in the Spotlight system preferences area.

It seems as though the new Spotlight features that need the Internet to work (such as sports, stocks, weather, etc.) may only be working in the United States at the moment. If we receive word of this feature moving to other countries, we will report it here.