Font Preview Not Working in Illustrator CS 5 With Yosemite Fix

Font Preview Not Working in CS5 Illustrator

Font Preview Not Working in CS5 Illustrator after Yosemite? Here’s a fix!

Sign the petition to force Adobe to issue maintenance patches for Adobe Creative Suite CS5 and El Capitan by clicking here! So, you are here because you just installed Mac OS X Yosemite or El Capitan and you use Adobe Illustrator 5 and you can’t see the font preview in the type drop-down menu, right? What happens is when you mouse over a font, it will show the preview, but, it will show everything else as blanks. Frustrating! I went through every fix that was given on the Adobe site, including turning off font preview (why wouldn’t you want to see what your fonts look like?), turning on and off the dark menu, killing Illustrator preferences, etc. Nothing worked! Finally, I noticed this nugget on a back corner of the web and low and behold, it solved it! Here’s what you do (after some quick Capital Mac Service product recommendations):

Open the Mac OS X System Preferences and head to ‘Accessibility.’ Once you are in there, select ‘Display’ from the left-hand list and then check the checkbox that says “Reduce transparency.”

If all goes well, you can now see all of your fonts in Adobe Illustrator CS 5 once again. This also has a side benefit that allows you to actually see the fonts (somewhat) when you have the new Yosemite dark mode selected. Normally, I wouldn’t be able to read the fonts since they were all jagged. This solved that as well!

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25 thoughts on “Font Preview Not Working in Illustrator CS 5 With Yosemite Fix

  1. Inês Mateus

    This tip was super, hiper, mega huseful!
    I was starting to despair not finding a solution to this issue in the usual foruns.

    1. Just Designs

      Thank you immensely for this post, I’ve been trying to fix the font problem in Illustrator CS4 for a few hours (it happened right after I installed Yosemite today). So this works for CS4 too!

  2. May Bottrill

    Thank you so much for taking the trouble to post this information. I would never have found the solution to the missing font display on my own. I followed your instructions and the problem was solved straightaway.

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  3. Jeff

    Thank you. That did the trick. Now I can see my font list again in Illustrator.

    That was the first hidden bomb I encountered with Yosemite. One wonders who many more there will be. This sort of thing makes me so wary of using a new OS upgrade. One never knows what the fallout will be.

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