Is Google planning an Amazon Echo Competitor Called Google Chirp?

Is Google planning a competitor to Amazon's echo?

Is Google planning a competitor to Amazon’s echo?

(Update: “Google Home” may be released at Google I/O on May 18th. Read more here.) Sources around the web are claiming that Google is close to developing a product that will compete against the massively successful Amazon Echo product and seems to be codenamed “Google Chirp”.

The Amazon echo product is a neat device that sits in the middle of your house and listens to voice commands which are then translated into different types of actions. For example you can have the Amazon echo play music, answer questions, or even control your lights. Strangely enough, this is basically what Google’s own Google Now product already does on Android phones.

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What will the Google Chirp look like?

Supposedly, google’s device will look like their own OnHub router, which is also similar in look and style to Amazon’s Echo product. Sources have also said that Google’s own Nest division has been working on such a product to integrate with Nest products such as the Nest thermostat and Nest Protect smoke alarm system. If these sources are correct, this should be a smash hit for Google. Amazon’s own Echo product line is a sleeper hit that has generated millions of dollars in sales. Most analysts also think that Apple is working on a similar product to integrator Siri voice recognition software into. These voice assistant software and hardware products seem to be an emerging market for many big tech companies such as Apple, Google, and Amazon.

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