Google’s Voice Assistant Google Home First Photos

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 1.19.52 PMHere’s the first photos of the new Google Voice assistant to compete with Amazon Echo. The Google Home device was just announced at Google I/O. The unit will be released in the Fall of 2016 with no price point announced at this time.

As we mentioned in a recent article, the Google Home device will feature built-in Google functionality, such as what users currently enjoy with Google’s “Now” products. The Google Home device will connect to the home network and integrate with other products such as smart lights and Google’s Nest thermostat. Of course, there is a built in speaker to play music from a user’s collection on Google Music.

Google also announced a new chat program called “Allo,” which brings even more Google technology to the Android platform. Some of the features of Allo include smart reply (as seen in Google Inbox) and whisper and loud mode added to each reply. By sliding up and down on the screen, a user can either “yell” or “whisper” their response. Lastly, Allo has an “incognito mode,” which allows users to have private and expiring chats such as competing messenger services.

A companion app to Allo was also announced, called “Duo,” which works on both iOS and Android and is based on emerging video technologies WebRTC and QUIC. This product allows one-to-one video chatting, which features such as “Knock Knock,” which allows a user to see the remote user’s video feed before picking up the video call.

You can signup for more information on the Google Home product here. A video of the section of the keynote where Google Home was introduced can be watched here.