I just spilled coffee/soda/beer/wine on my Macintosh. Now what?

Liquid Damaged Macintosh Support from Capital Mac Service

Did you spill on your Mac?

Liquid damage is one of the worst things that can happen to your Macintosh, or any electronic device for that matter. The very act of introducing liquid (wine/beer/soda/juice/water) of any kind into a live electronic device will usually render that device pretty much dead on the spot. The severity of the damage will be based on a few unique factors such as:

  • How much liquid was spilled on the Mac? A teaspoon or an entire glass?
  • What type of liquid was introduced into the Mac?
  • Was the unit turned on or powered off during the spill?
  • Did you get a chance to turn the computer upside down or towel off the majority of liquid?
  • Where did the liquid spill happen on the Mac?

The answers to these questions will certainly dictate the severity of liquid damage and there’s not usually a happy ending to these unfortunate stories. Most often, heading to the Apple Store to diagnose liquid damage will result in a special quote that is reserved for this type of damage. Depending on the size of the unit, you will either get charged about $800 for a 13″ computer to about $1,200 for a 15″ model (taxes are also not figured in). What happens in this situation is that the store simply boxes and sends your computer out for repair, which usually means a complete rebuild of your computer from top to bottom. There’s no “dickering” with this price–it’s a flat fee built in to any liquid damaged computer. And no, AppleCare does not cover liquid damage–it’s not insurance, it’s an extension of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Your other (limited) options include part-by-part repair for minor liquid damage, if the computer is salvageable. For example, you may only have damage to the keyboard, but the rest of the Macintosh works fine. In this case you would want to just have the top case replaced by a 3rd-party Macintosh repair center–the Apple Store usually will not perform this service (see the previous paragraph). Another option is to contact your credit card company–sometimes, they offer an extended warranty that may even include damage insurance. Lastly, you could cut your losses and sell off the machine for parts on eBay or Craigslist. There is a whole cottage industry forming that will buy liquid damaged Macs and iPhones, repair them, and resell them to the public. You will get a fraction of what you paid, but, it may be better to get your money out of the damaged Mac rather than putting it back into it.

We do invite you to contact Capital Mac in these liquid damage situations–however, your options may be severely limited as noted above. One service Capital Mac can offer is to possibly get your hard drive extracted safely from the machine. Most often, the data and hard drive portion of the Mac is working fine and just needs to be extracted. We would be more than happy to consult you on your next steps and get you back to a working Macintosh. Contact us today!