Is your Macintosh wifi connection dropping? A possible solution!

Macintosh Dropping WifiOne of the biggest complaints going is how your Mac suddenly drops wifi connection. This is a vexing problem, and often hard to figure out what is happening. Most of the time, like it or not, this wifi dropping issue tends to be environmental. This simply means that the problem is happening on a certain wifi connection, usually at home or at work, but, most of the time only in one place. If this is the case, try this simple trick below the fold that can sometimes resolve this issue.

Sometimes, the very channel your Mac’s wifi card is using (think of wifi channels like radio stations–they all have difference frequencies) is very crowded, or, is getting mixed up with another channel, maybe from a neighbor’s home. You can tell your own router to change this channel, which can alleviate some of these dropping issues and fortunately, Apple gives you a way to get a suggested channel that may be better for you just by using the internal wifi diagnostics in higher versions of the OS, like Mavericks 10.9.2.

Start first by entering the wifi diagnostic tool on the Mac by holding down the option key and clicking on the wifi menu in the Mac’s menubar. You should see “Open Wireless Diagnostics” at the bottom. Go ahead and choose this. Now, you may be asked for the administrator password, which you can put in. Now, In the “Windows” pull-down menu choose “Utilities”, and then select Wi-Fi Scan –>  Scan Now. You will now notice in the lower right hand corner of the window, a box that contains a few suggestions for better wifi channels to use. These channels should be changed in your router settings, which is another article. If you’re comfortable with your router settings, you should be able to head to your router configuration page and tune into these new suggested channels.

Of course, tinkering around with channel settings in your router may be beyond your comfort zone, and if so, contact Capital Mac Service for a possible on-site visit to help with this situation.

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    Thanks so much for this post and pointing me to “Open Wireless Diagnostics”, great tip, will continue following your great Mac Tips.

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