My Macbook Pro won’t power on at all. What now?

No Power Macbook Pro This could be a fairly simple problem if you’re good with a screwdriver. If not, contact Capital Mac Service for a house call. Here’s the warnings before attempting this:

  1. If you happen to have a Macbook Air, don’t bother–those are not Phillips screws and you will strip them.
  2. If you are under warranty, you may void it by doing this–contact Capital Mac for help!
  3. Make sure you are protected from static–either get a throwaway wrist strap or static-safe workspace.

If you are still with me, get your small Phillips screwdriver out and take off the screws on the bottom of the machine. When you remove the cover, you will see the battery along the bottom of the machine. You will see where the battery plugs into the logic board–simply use your fingernail and pop this battery connector out like a soda pop-top. Count to 5 and plug it right back in. Button up the computer and plug into the wall–hopefully you have a power light on your adapter. Try powering the computer on at this point. If it works, you win!

If you still are powerless, contact Capital Mac Service for a house call or consultation.