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What is the New GBoard Keyboard for IOS From Google?

Google's GBoard Keyboard for iOS

Google‘s new keyboard helps bring the Google search right to your keyboard

In a slightly strange move, Google released a special keyboard, called “Gboard” for IOS users on May 12, 2016.

The strange part about this move, is Google usually releases these kind of products for Android first. This new keyboard by Google, features a small button in the lower left hand corner of the keyboard, that allows users to instantly search Google without leaving your keyboard. This is pretty cool because normally you would have to copy and paste text into a search box, which means you have to leave the current program you’re in.

With this new keyboard, the search box is simply built right into the keyboard so you never have to leave the program. The instant Google results show up a small cards that you can simply drag and drop right into any text field that you happen to be working with such as a texting application. If you happen to be texting a friend about going out for dinner, you can simply bring up this new keyboard, do a search for the restaurant, and instantly paste the results right into the chat. This can literally save you about four five different steps. This is definitely an interesting product from Google and appears to be closely related to their Google Now-On-Tap product that appears on android-based devices. Google now on tap still requires an extra step or two unlike this special keyboard.

When will GBoard appear on Android and other platforms?

This is a product that will certainly show up in other third-party keyboards such as SwiftKey and Google’s keyboard for Android. Google has not said when it will be released to the Android platform, however, it is available now on the iOS app store for free. This new keyboard should work on any iOS device you happen on such as an iPhone or iPad.

You can download the special new keyboard from Google for your IOS devices here.

How to install Android Marshmallow on the OnePlus One

You can now sideload the Android Marshmallow update on the OnePlus One. The link is here for the latest build of Cyanogen which is now at ZNH0EAS26M.

We will upload exact instructions tomorrow. 

How do I get Google Now on Tap working on my OnePlus One?

This is for Nova Launcher people only: To get the new Google Now on Tap working, you first must have Google Now installed (see it on the Google Play Store). Then, you have to tell the OnePlus One to make the home button the trigger for Google Now on Tap. Simply launch the settings app and go to “buttons,” and then choose “Long Press Action,” under the home button section. Choose “Voice Assistant” and back all the way out. Now, visit the Google application and hit the 3 lines in the upper left corner–enter the Google Now on Tap choice and turn it on. Now, just hold down the home button and Google Now on Tap will be live!