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Google’s Voice Assistant Google Home First Photos

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 1.19.52 PMHere’s the first photos of the new Google Voice assistant to compete with Amazon Echo. The Google Home device was just announced at Google I/O. The unit will be released in the Fall of 2016 with no price point announced at this time.

As we mentioned in a recent article, the Google Home device will feature built-in Google functionality, such as what users currently enjoy with Google’s “Now” products. The Google Home device will connect to the home network and integrate with other products such as smart lights and Google’s Nest thermostat. Of course, there is a built in speaker to play music from a user’s collection on Google Music.

Google also announced a new chat program called “Allo,” which brings even more Google technology to the Android platform. Some of the features of Allo include smart reply (as seen in Google Inbox) and whisper and loud mode added to each reply. By sliding up and down on the screen, a user can either “yell” or “whisper” their response. Lastly, Allo has an “incognito mode,” which allows users to have private and expiring chats such as competing messenger services.

A companion app to Allo was also announced, called “Duo,” which works on both iOS and Android and is based on emerging video technologies WebRTC and QUIC. This product allows one-to-one video chatting, which features such as “Knock Knock,” which allows a user to see the remote user’s video feed before picking up the video call.

You can signup for more information on the Google Home product here. A video of the section of the keynote where Google Home was introduced can be watched here.

Is Google About to Release its Voice-Activated Home Product?

Google I/O 2016

Is Google going to unveil the new “Google Home” voice-controlled answer to Amazon Echo?

(WATCH GOOGLE I/O LIVE HERE) Insiders speaking on the condition of anonymity have apparently informed The New York Times that Google is about to release their own Amazon Echo competitor, nicknamed “Google Chirp”. Capital Mac Service reported on the possibility of Google building their own Google Now-based home product in an article here. The device has been tipped to be introduced at the Google I/O conference on May 18th, with a keynoted to be delivered by Sundar Pichai, the current CEO of Google. Google has declined to comment on this story.

The Google voice-activated product will most likely be called “Google Home,” as mentioned by industry insiders. The product will be released sometime in the Fall of 2016 and will most likely be built from the current technology that runs Google Now, which is Google’s competitor to Apple’s Siri digital assistant. Both Apple and Google have been absent in this emerging home-automation category as of late, with Amazon releasing the Amazon Echo (to sales of about 3 million units), a smart-home voice activated product, that allows users to issue voice commands from across the room. Some of the tasks the Amazon Echo can perform is ordering pizza and dimming smart-connected lights in the home.

Google’s entry into this new market is a bit late, however, they have exhibited success with their Google Now and Google Now on Tap products, which appear on most current Android phones. Some analysts have speculated that the device from Google will offer a look and feel to another current Google product, which is their OnHub router product. That particular product comes in a sleek tube-shaped shell, similar to the Amazon Echo product.

Google also has had great success with their HDMI streaming stick, called “Chromecast,” and their home-automation products such as the intelligent Nest thermostat and smoke detector. With these products already embedded in millions of homes, it is easy to see how Google’s poised to entrench itself deeper into the smart home of the future with the new “Google Home” product.

Google I/O will be 360-degree livestreamed live at 10:00am PDT on YouTube.



Is Google planning an Amazon Echo Competitor Called Google Chirp?

Is Google planning a competitor to Amazon's echo?

Is Google planning a competitor to Amazon’s echo?

(Update: “Google Home” may be released at Google I/O on May 18th. Read more here.) Sources around the web are claiming that Google is close to developing a product that will compete against the massively successful Amazon Echo product and seems to be codenamed “Google Chirp”.

The Amazon echo product is a neat device that sits in the middle of your house and listens to voice commands which are then translated into different types of actions. For example you can have the Amazon echo play music, answer questions, or even control your lights. Strangely enough, this is basically what Google’s own Google Now product already does on Android phones.

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What will the Google Chirp look like?

Supposedly, google’s device will look like their own OnHub router, which is also similar in look and style to Amazon’s Echo product. Sources have also said that Google’s own Nest division has been working on such a product to integrate with Nest products such as the Nest thermostat and Nest Protect smoke alarm system. If these sources are correct, this should be a smash hit for Google. Amazon’s own Echo product line is a sleeper hit that has generated millions of dollars in sales. Most analysts also think that Apple is working on a similar product to integrator Siri voice recognition software into. These voice assistant software and hardware products seem to be an emerging market for many big tech companies such as Apple, Google, and Amazon.