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Popular weather app Dark Sky created in Troy is now on Android

Dark sky for android

Popular weather app that was only available on IOS, Dark Sky for android is now available on the Google play store.

A popular weather app that up until now has only been on the IOS platform, has finally made its way to the android platform. The app is called Dark Sky, and features up to the minute hyper local forecasts and crowdsourced data culled from various sources around the web. This is the first time Dark Sky has appeared on the Android platform. The founders of the company, Jay LaPorte, and Adam Grossman run the company from Troy, New York. The app also has developers around the country in Boston, Connecticut, and Los Angeles.

Hyper local weather from Dark Sky at its best

The application focuses on hyper local data such as when storms and other precipitation is moving into your area. The app is laid out in a neat and clean interface that users have flocked to since its creation on the IOS platform. The app has pretty much been one of the top three weather apps for quite sometime. The Dark Sky app can tell you pretty much when precipitation is going to start and pretty much when it’s going to stop. The new Android version features a couple of new widgets that are not available in the IOS version. Unlike the IOS version, this version of Dark Sky for android is free with a catch–To unlock more of the Pro features of the software, including up-to-the-minute weather forecasts, Android widgets and more, users are expected to pay a three dollar per year subscription fee. Of course you can try this software out as a free version to see if you like it before you commit to the full-year. Early reviews of the Dark Sky software are pretty positive already.

Download the Dark Sky software via Google play at this link

What is the New GBoard Keyboard for IOS From Google?

Google's GBoard Keyboard for iOS

Google‘s new keyboard helps bring the Google search right to your keyboard

In a slightly strange move, Google released a special keyboard, called “Gboard” for IOS users on May 12, 2016.

The strange part about this move, is Google usually releases these kind of products for Android first. This new keyboard by Google, features a small button in the lower left hand corner of the keyboard, that allows users to instantly search Google without leaving your keyboard. This is pretty cool because normally you would have to copy and paste text into a search box, which means you have to leave the current program you’re in.

With this new keyboard, the search box is simply built right into the keyboard so you never have to leave the program. The instant Google results show up a small cards that you can simply drag and drop right into any text field that you happen to be working with such as a texting application. If you happen to be texting a friend about going out for dinner, you can simply bring up this new keyboard, do a search for the restaurant, and instantly paste the results right into the chat. This can literally save you about four five different steps. This is definitely an interesting product from Google and appears to be closely related to their Google Now-On-Tap product that appears on android-based devices. Google now on tap still requires an extra step or two unlike this special keyboard.

When will GBoard appear on Android and other platforms?

This is a product that will certainly show up in other third-party keyboards such as SwiftKey and Google’s keyboard for Android. Google has not said when it will be released to the Android platform, however, it is available now on the iOS app store for free. This new keyboard should work on any iOS device you happen on such as an iPhone or iPad.

You can download the special new keyboard from Google for your IOS devices here.

What does an “Error 53” mean on an iPhone?

iPhone 6 Error 53Does your iPhone show the dreaded “Error 53” since updating to iOS 9? We attempt to get to the bottom of this iPhone controversy.

What does the Error 53 actually mean?

Simply put, this error is a currently unfixable error that is displayed by Apple’s iTunes software after restoring an iPhone, usually an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. In essence, the iPhone becomes “bricked,” or rendered completely unusable and traps the device into recovery mode. The data that was on the iPhone is also now locked on the device and cannot be rescued by the user or Apple. There is limited evidence that any of the other iPhone versions are susceptible to this error, such as the iPhone 5 versions. Even iPads with Apple’s Touch ID sensors can also throw this error 53 after restoring or updating.

What is the root cause of this mysterious Error 53?

According to statements released by Apple, the cause of the iOS Error 53 stems from the replacement of a user’s home button, Touch ID, display or any of the other components that make up the fingerprint sensor area by any outfit other than Apple themselves. In other words, if you were to have your home button (or even full display) replaced by a kiosk or other non-Apple repair shop, you will most certainly see the dreaded Error 53.

Apple Touch ID Sensor

Simply repairing your iPhone at a non-Apple store can render your device bricked forever.

The reason for this (according to Apple) is that iOS checks that your Touch ID sensor matches the other on-board components during a software update or iOS restore. This simple set of checks supposedly keeps the features related to Touch ID secure, just in case a malicious party tries to swap out this critical part in an attempt to steal your personal data and credentials. This fingerprint data is stored in an area on your IPhone known as the “Secure Enclave,” which was designed by Apple to store this data securely and safely. If a 3rd-party Touch ID module fails this onboard check, the secure data is forever encrypted and protected and no longer accessible.

When Apple themselves replace this critical part, they perform a procedure to recalibrate the iPhone parts back together again, which allows the onboard checks to pass. Users who have the iPhone fixed at an Apple Store will not see this dreaded Error 53 after restoring or updating.


Most of the iPhone community including many repair websites are claiming that this is a very bad move on Apple’s part. In essence, Apple seemingly is making sure that iPhones cannot be serviced anywhere but a genuine Apple Store.

What is the fallout of the Error 53 situation?

Error 53 Class Action Lawsuit

Law firms are already mounting class-action lawsuits over the error 53 situation

At this point, several news agencies are reporting that class-action lawsuits are being mounted against Apple for this move and the Apple discussion boards are being flooded by users with the Error 53 on their iPhones and iPads.

How do you fix an Error 53 on an iPhone?

At this time, there is no known solution to this error and Apple has not given any more direction since their last statement describing why the error 53 is happening on modified iPhones and iPads.

I haven’t gotten the Error 53 yet. Why?

If you have had any modifications or repairs to your IPhone or iPad that were not done by Apple themselves, we highly suggest that you do not do any further software updates to the device until a solution is found for the error 53 problem. If you need any further repairs done on the device, you would be best served by the Apple Store or AppleCare helpline. Apple has the proper equipment to fix your device and recalibrate it correctly so you don’t see the error 53. If you no longer have access to the old parts from your repair (not that they would work anyway), you would be forced to purchase a brand-new iPhone.

Contact Apple for resolution.

If you have the dreaded iPhone Error 53 issue, please contact Apple as soon as possible by clicking here.

No headphone jack on the iPhone 7 = Lightning headphones!

Philips M2L/27 Fidelio Premium Headphones with Lightning Connector for Apple iOSThe general rumors going around the campfire are that Apple has decided to kill the headphone jack on the next iPhone, probably called the iPhone 7. What does this mean for the millions of iPhone users out there who rely on the headphone jack for audio? Well, an early solution is a simple one–lightning port-based headphones.

Philips, makers of the Hue lighting system that Capital Mac Service are strong users of, have come up with one of the first lightning-based products, the Philips M2L/27 Fidelio Premium Headphones with Lightning Connector for Apple iOS. This set of headphones simply plug into the bottom lightning port on any iOS device, delivering high-quality digital audio.

Why is Apple killing our headphone jack?

What is the reasoning for Apple’s possible killing of the old-school headphone jack? Well, for the most part, it’s size. Without that simple headphone port (which is still considered analog, not digital), Apple claims they can make the iPhone even thinner than it is now. Also, insiders claim that the sound will be richer and deeper, since it will be completely digital.

What do you think about Apple’s possible decision to remove the headphone jack in favor of a lightning port-based solution? Sound off in the comments below.