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How to reenable the boot chime on the 2016 MacBook Pro

2016 MacBook ProApple has decided to remove the Macintosh boot chime (or f-major tone) that has been a staple of the Macintosh since 1998. Apple also removed quite a few of the other iconic features that has made the Mac identifiable including USB ports, the glowing Apple logo and physical function keys, which were replaced by the fancy new Touch Bar.

To reenable the iconic MacBook startup chime, head to the Terminal, located in the Applications —> Utilities folder and type in this line (and then enter in your admin password):

sudo nvram BootAudio=%01

Hit return and you should now hear the tone at every startup. To turn it off, type in this line:

sudo nvram BootAudio=%00

Add a second hard drive to your Macbook Pro

Don’t Use Your Macbook Pro CD Drive Anymore? Put a 2nd Hard Drive In There!

Add a second hard drive to your Macbook Pro

Adding a second hard drive to your Macbook Pro is as easy as removing the CD drive!

If you have decided that your internal CD drive is no longer of use to you in your Macbook Pro, let Capital Mac take it out and replace it with a secondary hard drive–that’s correct–you can actually have 2 separate hard drives in your Macbook Pro. It’s up to you to decide if you want solid state drives (SSD), or, 2 regular full-size hard drives inside your computer. Imagine the hard drive space you would have with 2 internal 500GB hard drives! It’s an easy process and we would be happy to give you a quote on this exciting service. Click here to contact us!