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I forgot my Mac’s login password and now I can’t get to my desktop!


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Why is my Macintosh beeping 3 times when I turn it on?

Macintosh RAM ChipWhat do you do when you hear 3 beeps when you try to turn on your computer? First of all, don’t panic. What this typically means in one of about 3 possible problems. First of all, this usually means that the built-in memory (not where your files are stored), or RAM, is either damaged, not seated correctly, or, the slot that they plug into is malfunctioning. A last dark horse that could cause this triple beeping is a strange bug while running Google Drive¬†software on a Macintosh running 10.6 (Snow Leopard). If you meet this last condition, either deinstall Google Drive or upgrade your Macintosh operating system. See some more suggestions below after¬†the fold below!

If your RAM is causing this beeping, what has to happen first is a reseat of the internal RAM. This means opening the bottom of the computer and removing the RAM chips and reseating them. You will want to have anti-static working conditions for this, such as an anti-static wrist bracelet or mat. This assures that you won’t zap the internal components of your Macintosh with harmful static electricity. Sometime, you will want to only reinstall 1 chip at a time, and through the process of elimination, you can figure out which RAM stick is bad.

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