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El Capitan Mac OS X Mail

Is Your El Capitan Mail Unexpectedly Quitting?

Capital Mac Service has received a variety of recent reports that the Mac OS X Mail in the new Mac OS El Capitan seems to be unexpectedly quitting when either opening mail, or, while using it. Here’s a possible solution to this new issue in El Capitan.

First, a polite warning: This *may* remove any mailboxes and folders you may have setup in Mac OS X Mail. We cannot verify this since we don’t have access to any POP mail servers. Services like GMail, Yahoo, and iCloud are *not* POP-based–they are IMAP accounts and will pull the data and mailboxes back from the server. You should have a full backup of your data before attempting any of these steps.

  1. Quit Mac OS X Mail
  2. Go to the Mac OS X Finder
  3. Select the “Go” menu in the top menu bar
  4. Hold down the Option key on the keyboard while you are in the “Go” menu. You should see an item appear called “Library”
  5. Locate the “Mail” folder
  6. Drag all of the contents of the “Mail” folder to the desktop (or optionally create a folder on the desktop first and drag the contents of “Mail” into it)
  7. Relaunch Mac OS X Mail

At this point, Mail will most likely rebuild itself, pulling in the data from your remote IMAP accounts. If you feel that this isn’t working, or, you lost your mailboxes, you can simply do these steps in reverse, deleting the new Mail data and putting back the backups from your desktop.

Bonus Tips:

Go to System Preferences, select Internet accounts, select any inactive account names, and click minus sign. This removes old and inactive user accounts that you may not be using.


The GPGMail extension is incompatible with El CapitanLocate the folder /Library/Mail/Bundles directory (the System Library not the user Library) and delete the GPG bundle.

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