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Keyboard Volume Keys Not Working on the Mac

Volume and Media Keys Not Working

Mac OS X volume keys not working? Try these tricks.

Have you lost control of your keyboard volume keys on your Macintosh, especially since upgrading to Mac OS X El Capitan? You’re not alone. Here’s a few things to try if you suddenly cannot control your volume keys on your MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac or any other Macintosh computer.

First, make sure you aren’t running the TIDAL music player software–this seems to be a common thread for the Macintosh keyboard volume keys not working. TIDAL is a streaming music service that has a corresponding software component that can cause the Mac volume keys to simply stop working. To test this theory, simply quit the TIDAL application on the Mac and see if your volume keys begin to work. If this is the case, simply stop using the TIDAL application to have your Mac volume buttons back to normal.

Another trick to try when you cannot get the volume keys on the Mac to work is to check inside of the system preferences. Locate the Keyboard system preference and note the status of the checkbox that says “Use all F1, F2, etc. as function keys.” If this box is checked, try unchecking it to return the Mac volume keys to normal working order. If the box is checked, this could be causing your Mac OS X volume keys not to work.

Lastly, make sure you don’t have the Google Music extension in Chrome running on your Mac, which could be hijacking all of your media keys, including the iTunes software. By removing this extension, you may fix the volume key issue on your Mac.

Let us know in the comments below if any of these tricks worked to regain control of your Mac OS X volume keys, or, if you have other tips and tricks to help our readers with this common issue on the Mac.


Alert Sounds Not Playing From Speakers (Mac OS X)

Sound Effects Through The Speakers

Choose this option to have all sound come through the external speakers

I just noticed something that was driving me crazy this morning–when an alert sound on Mac OS X was playing, it wouldn’t play through my speakers that are plugged in–it would only play these sounds through the internal speakers. I forgot that there is a system preference to adjust this as seen in the screen shot attached. In the “Sound Effects” tab, Just change the pop-up box that says “Play Sound Effects Through” to “Line Out,” and all sound will come from the external speakers once again!

Original Macbook Air Loses Sound

Has your original Macbook Air lost sound?

Original Macbook Air Loses Sound

The original Macbook Air can lose sound–for no reason!

This seems to be a strange–yet common–issue with the original Macbook Air, model 1.1. This is the very first Macbook Air that Apple released, and you can tell which model I’m talking about if you have a small drop-down door with the headphone jack and USB port hidden in it. It also has vents on the bottom of the unit. This particular Macbook Air, for no rhyme or reason, will tend to just lose the sound–all sound, with no warning. Do you have this Macbook Air no sound issue? The usual cause of the issue is either a bad sound card, or, the ribbon cable that ties the sound card to the logic board. If you have this issue and you are local to Capital Mac Service, give us a call and we can probably fix you up and get you back to listening to your favorite songs in iTunes in no time!

Did your iTunes Keyboard Media Keys Stop Working?

iTunes Media Keys Not Working

iTunes Media Keys Not Working? Try this trick.

I had an inquiry at Capital Mac Service the other day that was rather intriguing while I was sitting on the couch working on my Macbook Pro:

“Hi, I just bought a new mac and have owned many macs before. On the top row the forward and backward and play/pause buttons (itunes media keys) that used to correspond to changing songs in itunes, don’t do that.”

Why did the itunes media keys stop working?!

Our first thought was the F-keys were not set correctly in the system preferences. Strangely enough, they were set perfectly fine–the media keys should be working. I even thought maybe a data transfer may be causing it by pulling over something weird from another Mac–he said he did not data transfer. After mulling it over for a few minutes, and a few back and forth emails about the rest of the environment, I started to think of what else could use those media keys besides iTunes, and, low and behold I had a thought. On my Mac, I only use Google Music, which is handled through the Chrome browser and I use those very same media keys to forward and rewind music. So, based on this thought, I immediately asked him if he was a Safari or Chrome user. Just like clockwork, he said he uses Chrome. I wrote him back to ask if the media keys worked when Chrome wasn’t running and a few minutes later, we had our culprit. He had installed the Google Music extension in Chrome, which was hijacking the media keys for the entire system, including iTunes. I had him remove the extension and just like magic, the keys returned to normal.

Did this fix your keyboard media key issues?

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