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How to make a bootable USB Mac OS X Yosemite install drive

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Since there haven’t been CD’s or DVD’s to reinstall Mac OS X software in the last few years, here’s a fast and easy way to get yourself any of the Macintosh OS X versions on your own USB flash drive. This is a great trick for any Macintosh IT folks who need to do installs all day long!

What you’ll need for your Mac OS X Yosemite USB installer

  1. At least an 8GB USB flash memory stick, such as this model
  2. The Mac OS X Yosemite downloaded installer (more on this soon)
  3. Some Mac OS X Terminal voodoo (more on this, too)

The first step in creating your own bootable USB Mac OS X Yosemite install drive

First, we are going to insert our USB flash drive–make sure it’s empty since it will be erased later. It has to be formatted in disk utility if it’s not already formatted, so go ahead and do this in the disk utility program. Make sure the name of the flash drive is “untitled” for the sake of this example. Also make sure you have the Mac OS X Yosemite installer, which is located in the Applications folder. If you don’t see it there, you will have to go to the Mac App Store and redownload it from your purchases tab. This may take awhile, since the file is around 6GB.

We are going to launch the Terminal, which is located in the Utilities folder inside of your Applications folder. If you don’t know where any of that is, this article may be a bit advanced for you. Launch the Terminal and copy and paste the next code into the Terminal window and hit return–(you will be asked for your administration password!):

sudo /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ Yosemite.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia –volume /Volumes/Untitled –applicationpath /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ Yosemite.app –nointeraction

The Terminal will now show you progress of the process, which can take 30 to 90 minutes or even more. You will see things like: Erasing Disk: 0%…10 percent…20 percent… during the process. Eventually, it will copy the installer files and make the disk bootable. After the “done” command appears, you will have a perfectly good Yosemite Mac OS X installer USB drive.


Some words of advice before installing OS X Yosemite

Please follow some simple procedures BEFORE you try to install the new Yosemite OS on your Mac, which was released on October 16th.

1.) **BACKUP YOUR DATA**. I cannot tell you how many mornings we would be flooded at the Genius Bar with installations of new operating systems that would go bad and data loss would occur.

2.) **CHECK YOUR SOFTWARE! Things like older versions of Microsoft Office and Adobe products are probably not going to fare well historically. You may have to wait for them to put out patches or updates.

3.) **CHECK YOUR HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS! Just because Apple *says* your Mac will run it, often that means it will run it like molasses if you have a slightly older computer. Remember this from every new iOS version that destroyed older iPhones.

4.) **WAIT FOR A WHILE! Just because it came out TODAY, it doesn’t mean you have to have it TODAY–and that’s what “.1” updates are for weeks later. Waiting a few weeks/months will surely flush out bugs that Apple hasn’t even conceived of yet. Do you hear me audio software people?

5.) **DON’T INSTALL ON PRODUCTION MACHINES! If you have ‘production machines’ such as graphic designers and printers, you may want to put this on NON-production machines first. If your computer is hosed from a new OS, you no longer make money until it’s fixed.

If you have any issues after installation, please contact us for troubleshooting issues.

Keyboard Not Working in PowerPoint After Mac OS X Yosemite Install

I received this question from Teresa H. in England today and fortunately, it ended with a very easy answer for her!

I have a macbook  pro with the original PowerPoint for Mac. None of the keys work on the keyboard, if i insert a text box or word art I cannot type in those either. (I just updated to Mac OS X Yosemite).

The very first thing I told her to try was to simply do an update of the Microsoft Office suite by heading to the help menu and choosing “Check for Updates…” This was the answer to her issue, because when it finished its series of updates, the keys started working again. I received a follow-up message shortly thereafter:

Thanks Mark…that worked you’re a genius!

Always remember–when in doubt, perform your updates first!

Font Preview Not Working in Illustrator CS 5 With Yosemite Fix

Font Preview Not Working in CS5 Illustrator

Font Preview Not Working in CS5 Illustrator after Yosemite? Here’s a fix!

Sign the petition to force Adobe to issue maintenance patches for Adobe Creative Suite CS5 and El Capitan by clicking here! So, you are here because you just installed Mac OS X Yosemite or El Capitan and you use Adobe Illustrator 5 and you can’t see the font preview in the type drop-down menu, right? What happens is when you mouse over a font, it will show the preview, but, it will show everything else as blanks. Frustrating! I went through every fix that was given on the Adobe site, including turning off font preview (why wouldn’t you want to see what your fonts look like?), turning on and off the dark menu, killing Illustrator preferences, etc. Nothing worked! Finally, I noticed this nugget on a back corner of the web and low and behold, it solved it! Here’s what you do (after some quick Capital Mac Service product recommendations):

Open the Mac OS X System Preferences and head to ‘Accessibility.’ Once you are in there, select ‘Display’ from the left-hand list and then check the checkbox that says “Reduce transparency.”

If all goes well, you can now see all of your fonts in Adobe Illustrator CS 5 once again. This also has a side benefit that allows you to actually see the fonts (somewhat) when you have the new Yosemite dark mode selected. Normally, I wouldn’t be able to read the fonts since they were all jagged. This solved that as well!

Please consider a small donation if this post helped with your Adobe Illustrator issues!