No Power Macbook Pro

Your Macintosh Just Died. Purchase a new Mac or repair your current model?

Capital Mac Repair of Saratoga

It may be time to replace that Macintosh.

After 6 years, your trusty old iMac has finally bitten the dust. Capital Mac just told you that to repair this iMac, it will cost you about $500 for a new logic board. Do you replace the computer or repair it? That’s a tough choice for some people and Capital Mac founder, Mark H. Delfs, is here with some advice.

“If the computer is in the 2-3 year range, it’s most likely repairable, but only if you keep it $300 or less. If it’s between 4 and 6 years, it’s most likely not worth repairing if the quote goes over $150-200. It’s simply not worth the investment for a computer that will not be performing anywhere close to the computer you would buy today,” Delfs says.

The general trend is to keep today’s computers for anywhere between 3-4 years and then sell them on eBay or hand down to family members. By that time, most of the software will want to be upgraded as well as the RAM memory and hard drive. Take the money out of the computer rather than putting it into a computerized black hole.